I write a lot for my vocation and for my church. I’ve also always wanted to write/blog on a regular basis but somehow have never found the time or found excuses for not doing so a little bit to easy to manufacture. As we begin the Christian season of Lent, I have felt called to have one of Lenten disciplines to write on a daily basis. Hence, the creation of this blog.

During this time, I will be preaching a sermon series called Growing Together. It’s comes out of our church’s identity statement Seeking God, Serving All, Growing Together. We will be looking at how God calls us to grow through some of the actions of Jesus we find in scripture. Most days, the blog will be a reflection of that week’s text and a chance to go a little deeper than in a 20 minute (or so) sermon. Hopefully this will be a conversation piece or starter. Whatever you may be doing during this season of Lent, I hope it is a blessing to your journey towards an empty tomb.
Lent 2015

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