I am a great fan of movies and they often influence my preaching and other communication.Jesus used the tools and medium available to him in order to communicate with his followers.  Mary Michael has come to expect that she has to watch the Oscars with me so with can have running commentary. She also likes the people watching, so its a win-win.

Since having children, I feel better equipped to comment on the animated category than I do Best Picture. Our family has seen Big Hero 6 and it’s a wonderful film that deals with identity, moving forward through grief, and the possibilities life holds when we think outside of the box. I was glad to see it win Best Animated Movie.

A couple of weeks ago my friends Cory, Ryan, and I saw Birdman while on retreat outside of Asheville. There were 4 or 5 moments in the film when we looked at one another and said “that will preach.” In fact, several of those moments will probably make it into sermons over the next six months or so. I thought Birdman was a story of redemption, grace, and transformation with a little bit of the anti-wisdom tradition of Ecclesiastes thrown in for good measure. It’s a story of a hail mary attempt at redemption and contentment. The acting in the film is fantastic (what do you expect, its great actors playing actors). I know some don’t like it, but I would recommend seeing it.

My last thought centers on social media and the Oscars. Inevitably people, including friends, will complain about the liberal Hollywood agenda, etc. It makes me wonder when concepts such as equal pay for women, civil rights for all people, etc. became “liberal” items. As a person of faith, these seem to me to be biblical concepts. We in the church need to consider what we are willing to proclaim when the Oscars proclaim Gospel concepts in a bolder way than the church. You can’t tell me that the performance of Glory wasn’t as powerful or more powerful than any worship service held this past weekend. I think a prophetic voice, no matter what the stage or medium, is a good thing as we work to create the world that God desires.

Have a great week friends!

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