Hunger WalkWe know that we have a problem with hunger in our world. By now, most of us know that we have a problem with hunger wherever we live. Even in Sandy Springs, one of the more affluent communities in the entire country, 17% of the population is food insecure. Think about that- 17% in an affluent community. Jesus’ words he spoke to his disciples at the feeding of the 5,000 still speak to us today- “You give them something to eat.”

Yesterday, a vast, diverse group in Atlanta played its part in giving people something to eat. For the fourth year in a row, my congregation Sandy Springs Christian Church took part in the Atlanta Hunger Walk that begins and end at Turner Field in Atlanta. Our church does a lot and hunger is a great area of emphasis for us. On Easter Sunday we will be giving a grocery bag to everyone in attendance for them to take home and fill with items for the CAC. We have challenged a local synagogue, Congregation Or Hadash to see who can bring in the most food over the course of a month. I love the idea of getting to put “skin” on the resurrection on Easter Sunday and I love the idea of stocking a food pantry for the summer. I especially love the idea of working with our friend at Or Hadash on doing are part to see that fewer people are hungry.

I thought the Hunger Walk yesterday testified to two truths 1) a large group of people walking thought downtown Atlanta saying that people being hungry is not acceptable 2) It will take all of us from various walks of life, religions, incomes, races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, generations, whatever term we use to divide ourselves. It will take all of us working together if we are to make sure people have enough to eat. The beginning of the walk bore this truth. To see so many different people from so many different backgrounds- a beautiful tapestry of God’s children uniting together to proclaim that hunger in our midst is unacceptable. In my line of work we call this a glimpse of the kingdom. The words of Jesus are clear.

“You give them something to eat.”

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