busyI concluded worship this past Sunday be sharing that many years ago I was part of an event with the theme “Go and Do.” I continued by saying that command didn’t sit well with me and instead we should leave worship ready to go and to be.- to embody the life of God in our own lives.

A friend of mine came up following worship and reminded me that it was me who had come up with the theme “Go and Do” many years ago. Perhaps this is what we mean by our faith evolving. I mean, I can correct myself, right?

I am convinced that people do not need anything else to DO. Packed schedules, tired bodies and spirits, and a general sense of being overwhelmed rules our day. We wear our busyness like a badge of honor

“I have to check my schedule”

I am too busy to do that now.”

“How are you doing? Really, really busy”

For many, our self worth comes from how busy we are, rather than from God.

As Rob Bell writes “busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to.”

I suspect people don’t need a blessing that asks them to go and to do one more thing. I do believe we need the blessing that gives us the permission to allow the life of God flow in us and through us.This is being. This is being born of the spirit.

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