HolyWeek_SquareMark 12:28-34

As I sat on my bed looking at my sister, the anger that I had towards her began to fade away into frustration about being locked in a room with her by my parents. My parents were under the impression that locking me and my sister up together would somehow get us over our argument. As time pasted we both began talking to each other about how stupid it was to be locked in the same room. Looking back on it now I understand why my parents locked us together, it was about the most important commandment given to us by Jesus…love.

In Mark 12:28-34, Jesus tells us the two most important commandments. The first is to love the Lord, and the second is to love others. Jesus did put a stipulation on these commandments. He said to love the Lord with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. It is like the lesson I learned as a child, love your sister even if you do not agree with her. That is what parents do, they teach us to learn to love and our heavenly father is the same. He wants all his children to love each other no matter what. Family is what binds us together and is what makes our life better, so during this Holy Week remember that not only do you need to show love and compassion to your biological family you need to also work on showing love and compassion to your spiritual family as well.

Here is my prayer for the day:

Dear Lord, Thank you for sending your son to die for our sins so we can live forever with you in heaven. Please give us the strength to overcome our disagreements with each other and to focus more on the love that binds us together as spiritual siblings. May we reflect on the lessons you have taught us through your actions and words during this Holy Week. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

DeAnna Elliott
Operations Director

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