Easter AdEaster Sunday, April 5
Mark 16:1-8

One of the great failings of humanity is that when events, when moments in life are so powerful, so big, so meaningful, we have to figure out a way to explain it. Rather than delighting in the mystery of the holy, we get lost in seeking to fully explain it.

When we get so wrapped up in explaining it, we miss out on receiving it. Today, you are not expected to explain resurrection or to even fully understand resurrection. Rather, it is a gift given to all humanity that is to be graciously received.

As a minister, I am asked a lot of questions. I greatly believe in the value of questions. One question I am asked most often is, “Do you believe in the resurrection–do you really believe that the tomb was physically empty on that morning long ago?”

This morning, I want us to ask a better question.  “Do you believe?” is a good question, but there is a better one. Do you trust? Do you trust in the incredible good news of the resurrection? Do you trust in what it means for your life and for our world?

The resurrection moves us to trust in love, to trust in life over death, to trust in a new creation. It tells us to trust that in all things, God’s love always has the final word.

That is the Good News.
Christ is Risen!
Christ is Risen, Indeed!

Rev. Danny Gulden
Senior Pastor

One thought on “HOLY WEEK – Easter Sunday Devotion

  1. We are unable to be a SSCC this beautiful Easter Sunday – and sorry for it. And at the same time, we are grateful for your thoughtful words here Danny! Thank you and Happy Easter!

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