From Danny- Unsung Heroes: Gideon

Our family has been on vacation this week at the beach. We usually take a day out of the sun and go see a movie. This time we saw Tomorrowland. The story centers on a girl named Casey, a man named Frank, and a mysterious world where nothing is impossible. Casey is a dreamer, one… Continue reading From Danny- Unsung Heroes: Gideon

From Danny- Unsung Heroes: The Holy Spirit

5 year old Josiah Faulk was asking his mom questions about a man slumped over at an Alabama Waffle House. He couldn't figure out why the man was slumped over and why he had no food. His mom tried to explain to her Josiah that the man probably did not have a home nor did… Continue reading From Danny- Unsung Heroes: The Holy Spirit

Unsung Heroes- New Sermon Series

Those in my church have probably figured this out by now, but I am a series preacher. I believe series tap into the episodic nature by which we function. A series also gives you a period of time in which to explore an overarching biblical narrative.  The summer months in church can be a powerful… Continue reading Unsung Heroes- New Sermon Series

How Do You Know?

How do you know? How do you know that you are living in the light? One of the most courageous acts any human being does is to get out of bed in the morning. Each day we make a decision to either live in the light of God or give our lives to something else.It… Continue reading How Do You Know?

Religious Trends and the End of American Idol

That sound you hear is the mainline Protestant church in a panic. Actually, it probably most Christian groups in the United States. The Pew Forum, which is a leading research institute, just released a study of American religious trends. Here's a spoiler alert- on the surface, it's not particularly good. You can read the whole… Continue reading Religious Trends and the End of American Idol

From Danny- A Permanent Residence

Fear is our greatest enemy. If you stop and think, almost every issue in our world has fear as a root cause. Many of our personal struggles are rooted in fear. Fear is not only our greatest enemy, it may very well be our oldest. The earliest Christian communities struggled with fear. We know this… Continue reading From Danny- A Permanent Residence

Believing in Leviticus and Taking the Bible Seriously

One of our U.S. Senators (someone who I generally like and respect) made the comment last week, "I believe in Leviticus." He was referring to the Supreme Court as begins its hearings on same-sex marriage. He was asked by a reporter how he felt about same-sex marriage and this was his reason for opposing it,… Continue reading Believing in Leviticus and Taking the Bible Seriously