Unsung Heroes5 year old Josiah Faulk was asking his mom questions about a man slumped over at an Alabama Waffle House. He couldn’t figure out why the man was slumped over and why he had no food. His mom tried to explain to her Josiah that the man probably did not have a home nor did he have money for food. Josiah was troubled by the idea that someone was alone and without food. 

Josiah asked his mother if she would be willing to buy the man a meal. He asked and the grateful man ordered a burger with bacon. When the meal came out, Josiah went over and sang a blessing for the meal.

“God our father, God our father,

we thank you, we thank you,

for our many blessings, for our many blessings, amen, amen,

When the Holy Spirit shows up, the Spirit messes things up. We never know when or where the spirit will show up, and often it shows up in the most unexpected ways. How does a five year old in an Alabama Waffle House grab you as a place for the spirit to show up?

Many years ago a group of devout religious people were gathered together for a Jewish festival, like they were every year at that time. Suddenly the house filled with a sound like rushing wind. Tongues of fire appeared and all were filled with the Spirit.

An Alabama Waffle House, a five year old, and a homeless man. 

A room filled with devout religious people gathered for a religious festival. 

You really never know where the Holy Spirit may show up. Join us Sunday as we begin a new sermon series called Unsung Heroes. As we celebrate Pentecost, we will be lifting up our first unsung hero, The Holy Spirit.

Worship is at 9 and 11:15 this Sunday. We trust that the Spirit will show up long before we do. This promises to be an excellent Sunday to wear your red and to invite someone to church.

Grace and peace,


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