Unsung HeroesHave you ever felt like you didn’t belong?

I remember walking into the large classroom on the 3rd floor of Bishops Hall at the Candler School of Theology on my first day of seminary for my first class, OT 501. I spent most of those two hours wondering if I could cut it at Emory after being out of school for a few years. Could I make it in the church, did I have anything to offer the church that wasn’t already being offered?

Most, if not all of us,will feel like we don’t belong at one point in our life or another. We will have that sinking feeling that we are not smart enough, not good enough, and we can’t live up to what people expect from us.

Jesus was known for inviting people to places they didn’t belong. He is invited to a dinner banquet at a Pharisee’s house and brings with him a woman who doesn’t even get a name in the biblical story. All we know is that she is a sinner and it would have shocked people at the party that Jesus showed up with her. From here, this woman teaches those present a remarkable lesson about grace, forgiveness, and the value of love. She is far closer to God than any of the other guests. Their pious nature is exposed by the unsung hero whose name we don’t ever know.

I look forward to concluding our Unsung Heroes series this Sunday as we look at one of the most beautiful and paradigm shifting stories in all of scripture. It promises to be an excellent week to invite someone to church with you.

Grace and peace,


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