Adair ParkI took a right at the light. I normally take a left to go to parking for Braves games. This time I took a right. Along with some friends from church, our young adults group was headed to the Adair Park neighborhood to serve dinner to a group of teens meeting for youth group in the neighborhood.

I had never really thought about taking a right at that light. I knew if I did it would take me into some of the most undesirable neighborhoods in Atlanta, places I would not want to go. I’ve taken a left countless times to go to Turner Field, but never right.

Several in our group had become familiar with the Stanley family, who blog at They are urban missionaries, committed to making a community better by being a part of the community. After observing them with the teens, it is clear that they have a clear call to be a part of this community. They are people who love their neighborhood dearly, precisely because it’s their neighborhood.

If I am being really honest with myself, a ministry like this has always help appeal and perhaps some call with me. The lack of security and certainty has always caused me to look elsewhere long before I would became serious about exploring a call. For now, I settle for the glimpses of the power of relationship to transform a neighborhood such as this, and what I can learn from these experiences for my life today.

Most importantly, it reminds me of this truth.The people that you find when you take a right at the light are no different than the ones you find when taking a left. It’s pretty easy to proclaim this from a place of security. It’s when you take a right, that you truly see how true it is that we are all beloved children of God.

I’m working on my sense of direction, knowing that no matter which way we turn we can find the kingdom of God in our midst.

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