Star Wars is back! One could argue that it never really went away. I didn’t see the original movie until I was in high school and have never been what I would call obsessed with the Star Wars series.  It wasn’t until recently, with the hype of the new movie and with the prodding of some friends and colleagues that I began really digging into the Star Wars universe. One of the hazards of being a preacher is always asking yourself, “Is there a sermon here?” In the Star Wars story, I discovered a whole series.

Could Obi Won Kenobi’s description of the Force be more appropriate for God? “The Force surrounds each and everyone of us.” Issues we face today such as the struggle between good and evil, sacrifice,  self-denial, the greater good, and embracing mystery are all present. Both the Bible and Star Wars have much to say about these parts of life.

We hunger for something on which to center our life. Followers of Jesus and characters in the Star Wars series share this longing. I also love that this is a story in which the entire family can find meaning. Parents who first saw the movie as a child can now share the story with their own children. Grandparents can tell grandchildren about taking their mother or father to see the original in the theater. I don’t recall a movie with a more inter generational audience than The Force Awakens.

I’m looking forward to working with friends on this new sermon series that begins at Sandy Springs Christian Church ( or like us on Facebook) on January 10.  You can listen online as well. All of our scriptures come from Jesus’ early life and ministry in the Gospel of Luke (what other Gospel would you use?)

My hope and prayer is that we can see our hearts captured by an old story that’s just as meaningful and relevant today as when it was first written. That we can see just how God surrounds all of us.

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