CrossOn Easter Sunday, Christians around the world bore witness to Resurrection, that nothing will ever be the same again. History is full of incidents where people sought to snuff out the movement of God, afraid that Jesus is on the loose. During Holy Week, we remember such a time when authorities were so scared of this movement that they put Jesus to death. Even death couldn’t stop Jesus, couldn’t stop the movement of God.

During my Easter sermon, I asked people if they knew that they were joining a revolution by coming to church on Easter Sunday. That’s exactly what happened, one that began anew as a group of faithful disciples peered into an empty tomb long ago. Jesus was on the loose. The promise of a new way of life and a new day was true. A revolution that bears witness to God’s love, a love so strong that it could not be defeated, even by death.

I believe the Resurrection speaks to the desire of God for all people to know the fullness of life. The opportunity before each and every person to claim a new life, to claim who God has created them to be. stands true. Blessings on you as you claim that new life, blessings on us as a nation and world as we claim new ways of being in the world. Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed!

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