3 Ways to Have Better Table Talk this Thanksgiving

An extended family meal. We are sitting there, eating our turkey (we have multiple Thanksgivings to get in, so had to do one early). Suddenly, someone brings up the election. I know they voted differently than me. Everyone stops eating. Polite chatter ceases. An awkward silence ensues. It continues  until someone makes a random comment… Continue reading 3 Ways to Have Better Table Talk this Thanksgiving

Election Thoughts for Sandy Springs Christian Church

I typically use this medium to write to an auidience wider than the congregation that I serve. Today I wanted to share my pastoral thoughts that I shared with my congregation in this space Dear Church, One of the great acts of our democracy is electing the President of the United States. In a divisive… Continue reading Election Thoughts for Sandy Springs Christian Church

Dear Future President: A Letter

Dear Future President, The big day is almost here. You will be elected to the highest office in the land by the American people. Regardless of what people might say, you will be elected to serve all the American people. That’s a tough job because we can be pretty difficult. Are you sure you are… Continue reading Dear Future President: A Letter

3 Reasons the Cubs World Series Win is Good for the Church

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win! The curse is over!  The Cubs are World Series champions. The Cubs win is good for generations of Cubs fans, good for the game of baseball, and good for the city of Chicago. It's also good for the church. How is that? Reason #1 In the midst of a divisive… Continue reading 3 Reasons the Cubs World Series Win is Good for the Church