Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!cubs

The curse is over!  The Cubs are World Series champions. The Cubs win is good for generations of Cubs fans, good for the game of baseball, and good for the city of Chicago. It’s also good for the church. How is that?

Reason #1

In the midst of a divisive and never-ending election season, the World Series has provided a nice  distraction for the country. People watched baseball in numbers not seen in forever  so they may be a part of the water cooler discussion at the office. At church this past Sunday, I walked by several groups of people talking about the World Series. I had assumed most of these folks didn’t even know what a baseball looked like. Once again, we have found common ground in America’s pastime. Too bad it wasn’t an 11 game series that would have carried us through next Tuesday.

Reason #2

It has given us pause to remember the saints who have gone before. Cubs lore is filled with heroes such as Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, and of course Harry Carey. There is the story of the North Caroline man who listened to Game 7 on the radio while at his father’s gravesite. This win bonds generations of fans both seen and unseen. It is celebrated in the “great cloud of witnesses” and gives us the chance to remember those who have shaped us and passed down their passions to us.

Reason #3

All things are possible. We hear of the church’s declining numbers and influence. We experience frustration in our lack of effecting meaningful change in ushering in God’s vision for the world. A World Series win after 108 years of frustration gives the church hope. it brings alive Paul’s words to the church at Rome, We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise. Hope, even when it seems like eternal hope, does not disappoint. The church can go ahead and dream big dreams and its people can answer bold calls. All things are possible.

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!



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