This is a guest post by Bella Gulden, who wrote this two weeks ago for a 4th grade writing project. I found it to be a good word to share from a bright, up and coming writer (I am a little biased) She has something important to share with all of us. 

Cars should run on electricity. Then there could be less global warming, less chance of emergency, and most of all a better and cleaner future. Here are some answers to why cars should run on electricity.


One reason cars should run on electricity is it will make less global warming happen. Today cars are one of the most used mode of transportation. Cars use gas, so what’s the big deal? Well, when you are driving, the gas will wear away up into fumes. It floats up into the air to pollute cities and homes. Also, when you get an electric car, the Polar Bears will thank you deeply.

Another reason cars should run on electricity is that there could be less change of emergency. Gas is very flammable to people and animals, like those who set onions on fire at Chinese restaurants. I must say, that stuff is pretty cool. Never use water when there is a car crash, it can just make matters worse. If you are in a car crash remember that water is the enemy this time.

My last reason why cars should run on electricity is there can be a better and cleaner community. Gas can pollute millions of places in the world. Gas can pollute trees, wildlife, and rivers. Trees are the source to the air we inhale today and tomorrow. Rivers are the source of our water, but we are polluting them with water bottles and soda cans. Electric cars are clean with no polluting involved. Cars that run on electricity will help stop pollution. Electric cars could be the next big thing in our world. Even dogs are riding on skateboards.

Electricity can be clean and we can make it. Our supplies are unlimited to make electricity. Gas can come from dinosaur bones, which are extinct. Then we will run out of gas and have to use a different source to make cars keep going. There are cars today that use electricity, but there are more gas cars. Electric cars could change the outlook of the future. Here are all the reasons cars should run on electricity.


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