Good Friday- At the Foot of the Cross

Good Friday is a difficult day to understand and a difficult day to experience. This is where our journey has taken us, to the day that Jesus will lose his life for the thing he was most passionate about: The Kingdom of God We often hear the story of the crucifixion as a composite of… Continue reading Good Friday- At the Foot of the Cross

Thursday- A Difficult but Important Meal

I can’t help but wonder if the Passover meal that Jesus shares with his disciples seems odd to them. In Mark’s Gospel, it is the twelve disciples who seem to be the last to understand what is going on around them. Jesus has been trying to teach them about his upcoming death, but they don’t… Continue reading Thursday- A Difficult but Important Meal

Wednesday-Unconditional Grace

We come to Wednesday of Jesus’ Last Week. Tuesday had been a long day, filled with a lot of teaching and a lot of tension. Wednesday begins with Jesus and his disciples at a house in Bethany, the home of Simon the Leper. Bethany was not far from Jerusalem, about two miles or so. We… Continue reading Wednesday-Unconditional Grace

Tuesday-Jesus’ Final Exam

  We come to Tuesday of Jesus’ Final Week. Much of Tuesday will be spent teaching in the courtyard of the temple. Mark’s Narrative of Tuesday covers almost 3 chapters, a total of 115 verses. It is by far the longest of the days in scripture. Almost two-thirds of the time is spent in conflict… Continue reading Tuesday-Jesus’ Final Exam

Monday- Turning the Tables

As we begin the second day of Jesus’s Last Week, he has entered into Jerusalem and drawn a big crowd for his parade which proclaims that the kingdom of God, God’s way of life is here. He concluded that day by going into the Temple in Jerusalem and looking around. The temple was the holiest… Continue reading Monday- Turning the Tables

Palm Sunday- A Tale of Two Parades

One of my favorite series to preach has been The Last Week, inspired by Borg and Crossan's marvelous book by the same title. It takes a look at the last week of Jesus' life according to the Gospel of Mark. For Holy Week this year, I'm sharing a series of devotions based on the same.… Continue reading Palm Sunday- A Tale of Two Parades

Listening to our Youth

1.2 million followers read Emma Gonzalez’s tweet about Betsy DeVos’ visit to her school; “Good thing I was already sleeping in tomorrow.” 269,000 followers read Sarah Chadwick’s tweet about the same visit; “Literally no one asked for this.” The New York Times made this observation about these two tweets; “And with a few tweets the… Continue reading Listening to our Youth