Leaving Room for Others

My parents were in town this past weekend, so we took them to one of our favorite restaurants. Upon being seated at the table, the host took the extra place setting away. Not only did it get me thinking, but it also disappointed me because I always like the extra set of silverware in case… Continue reading Leaving Room for Others

The Wedding Sermon: 3 Things the Mainline Church Needs to Quit

A wedding sermon Of all the things that could possibly transform the mainline church, a wedding sermon? Think of the countless hours of meetings, the dollars spent on consultants and supposed experts, the physical and spiritual labor poured out, the tears shed, the failed strategies. When all else fails, it’s a wedding sermon that saves… Continue reading The Wedding Sermon: 3 Things the Mainline Church Needs to Quit

Paige Patterson, the SBC, and Women

Growing up in the South, we were surrounded by Southern Baptists. They went to church a lot; Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday night. They would typically ask if you would want to come with them. We did go to a few Vacation Bible Schools with neighborhood friends. It was a good way for mom to… Continue reading Paige Patterson, the SBC, and Women

One Pastor’s Prayer for National Day of Prayer

What are you praying for today? It is, of course, the National Day of Prayer. This day was signed into being by Harry S. Truman, originally as a Spring counterpart to Thanksgiving. The idea was that Americans, from all faith backgrounds, would take a day to give thanks and to offer prayers for the United States… Continue reading One Pastor’s Prayer for National Day of Prayer