God of Love,

A new school year begins and students, teachers, and staff are filled with anticipation and also with trepidation

Anticipation for what will be learned, for growth that will take place, for friendships that will be developed and for lives that will be transformed

heroTrepidation for tough assignments, acceptance by others, days that don’t go our way, and for safety in our school.

Some students come lamenting eating in the school cafeteria while others celebrate the return of at least one good meal in their day.

May all students approach each lesson with an open mind and a willing heart, ready to be challenged and to learn new things. Help them not only to learn about the subjects they are studying but to also learn more about themselves and the gifts they have to offer the world

Be present with each teacher as they live out their calling to educate, nurture, and empower our children. Provide encouragement during the difficult days and help them to celebrate the fulfilling ones.

Lift our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, office staff and administrators. Help them to know what an important role they play in our children’s lives. Empower us to enable  them to know how much their work is appreciated.

As a community, help us to understand the importance of the nurture and safety of our children. Empower us to come together to provide the best experience for all students, faculty, and staff. May we work together to eliminate the fear of violence in our schools, so that it may truly be safe space.

God, make your presence and love known to all in all schools this year.


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