Teach us to count our days so that we may have a wise heart Psalm 90:12

It’s hard for us to hear isn’t it? You are not in control. 

Crazy Busy

The control paradox tells us that the more we try to gain control, the less control we actually possess.

In many ways, it is fear that causes us to seek control. We are fearful, so we try to control our lives, others’ lives, institutions, and even God. Fear of the other is at its core about controlling who is in and who is out.

Parker Palmer correctly says that, fear is the air we breathe.” 

Try listening to talk radio for just a little while- the commercials are all driving you to fear-based behavior. Food you can store for 30 years, hone security systems, internet security systems, buying gold, etc.

So, what’s the answer?

Humanity has always struggled with control issues rooted in fear and anxiety. We know this because both the Psalmist and Jesus address the issue. The Psalmist pleads with us to make our days count. Jesus tells us to watch the birds of the air and the litanies of the field.

How do we slow down, release control, and live into the life that God desires for us?

Join us at Promise Road this weekend as explore this question together.





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