Driving through a tunnel can be fearful experience, especially one that you have never been through before. I once drove through one in the mountains, dark and never-ending. I mean never-ending. It seemed like I would never the see the light of day. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about that drive a lot lately. I came across a note I made to myself regarding a church event for March that was postponed. My note suggested that “should be able to have event at the end of April or early May.” The idea was that we should have emerged from the COVID-19 tunnel by then. I was probably being cautious suggesting we wait until May. Here we are though, still trying how best to proceed with things such as school, religious services, sports, and social events, assuming we should be proceeding at all. 

We are weary. I’ve noticed in talking to people (mostly on Zoom or the phone) that there is a weariness in our voices. We are grieving what we have lost and grieving what we will lose. Too many have dealt with the concern that comes with a loved one or friend dealing with serious ramifications of having COVID-19. The list of moments that we have lost continues to grow. Nothing is easy. Every move, each interaction must be carefully thought through. It takes a lot to operate out of an abundance of caution. We are driving through a never-ending tunnel. 

Of course, we are not the first to walk in the dark. The prophet Isaiah promised that “those who walked in darkness have seen a great light” (Isaiah 9:2) Many believe that this is written to people living in great disarray. “Tell me about it” is what you are thinking. The truth is when it seems like we will never see the light of day is when the light shines the brightest. Just when we have resigned ourselves to a never-ending tunnel, the light appears, inviting us forward to new life. I’ve heard people say that God does God’s best work in the dark. Experience tells me this is true. Hope tells me that there is light at end the of the tunnel. 

I made it out of that tunnel in the mountains. In fact, I remember driving straight into the light. God’s best work, darkness to light.

Grace and peace,


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