Many thoughts as we head towards Election Day tomorrow

It’s incredible to see so many who have already voted through early voting, absentee voting and mail in voting. I also love seeing the pictures of those who are voting for the first time We need to continue to work towards removing obstacles people face when registering to vote and voting.

Many are anxious and rightfully so…for many, the outcome of this election can have a lasting impact upon their lives and livelihoods. I continue to listen and learn for how I can be a better ally and advocate.

I’m a faith-based voter. For me, that means voting in the way I believe my commitment to Jesus compels me to vote. I vote for candidates who I believe support policies that give all the best opportunities at the fullness of life.

According the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, $10.8 billion dollars has been spent just on advertising for the Presidential, House, and Senate races. Don’t believe it when you hear “wedon’t have the money.”

I still believe that we are better version of ourselves when we can come together and see one another as children of God. As much as It seems far from possible, we are stronger together, especially when we see the value each and every one of us holds. As a pastor, I commit to meet people where they are at.

Jed Bartlett is still the best TV/movie President #ElectionDay

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