Thinking about Beth Moore leaving the SBC story. I’m glad she is leaving and following her convictions. I know she is a person of influence within many Christian circles and will encourage others to do the same. Anytime someone leaves an oppressive theology for something liberating, it’s a good thing…


she is not the first female who was willing to speak truth to power when it comes to oppressive Christianity. The number of women who have done this, and many at far greater cost, is a long list. There are many female voices who are doing this on a daily basis. It’s also not a new discovery that women are leaders in the church. This is not a brand new ethos that she has discovered. Females have been at the forefront of advancing equality in the church for some time. There are plenty of churches that have been ordaining and commissioning females to ministry and calling females to church leadership for some time. Many of the most powerful prophets of our day are female. There are plenty of churches that have practiced and advocated for gender equality in the church for some time. I feel so grateful to have seen women in ordained ministry from an early age.

Do we still have work to do? Absolutely. It’s a reminder to me to take another look in the mirror. I’m grateful for those people and communities of faith who continue to lead the way.

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