The Myth of “Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This”

I'm kinda over the phrase, "seminary didn't prepare me for this. I know that clergy use it as comic relief and a way to take out frustration, but the truth is that my seminary education (along with other life experience) DID prepare me for leadership during this time. A big shout out today to Candler… Continue reading The Myth of “Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This”

Summer Reading and Listening

The Memorial Day weekend signals for many the beginning of summer. We may well find ourselves with some extra time for play, rest, and rejuvenation. This is a great time to catch up on reading and listening. Here are some books and podcasts I’ll be checking out this summer. Era of Ignition: Coming of Age… Continue reading Summer Reading and Listening

3 Issues Worthy of a National Emergency

The term “national emergency” has recently taken its place in our vocabulary. The President declared a national emergency in response to what he considers to be a crisis at the US border with Mexico. Of course, there is way more to this declaration, but that’s another discussion for another day. While I don’t disagree that… Continue reading 3 Issues Worthy of a National Emergency

4 Ways Your Church Can Empower New Leaders

No matter the size of the congregation or the size of the staff, the ministries of a church are primarily carried out through those who make up the church community. Many congregations experience a leadership vacuum, with long-time leaders burned out and newer members not being offered a seat at the table. We make it hard to… Continue reading 4 Ways Your Church Can Empower New Leaders

Reflections for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday

Growing up in metro Atlanta meant being aware of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at an early age. The state of Georgia observed the first MLK federal holiday in January 1986. As a 5th grader, I was stoked to receive a new, additional day off school so soon after the winter break. I grew… Continue reading Reflections for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday

5 Resolutions for the Local Church in 2019

For most, their experience of the Church universal is the local church. The local church remains the most powerful vehicle through which to spread God's love and grace. Despite what many numbers tell us, I still believe that some of the local church's best days are still ahead of it, especially within mainline traditions. Today,… Continue reading 5 Resolutions for the Local Church in 2019

5 Ways to Really Keep Christ in Christmas

Yesterday, I saw a forgotten bumper sticker on the back of a car- Keep Christ in Christmas. It made me think of the manufactured “war on Christmas” that some groups have perpetuated in the last few years. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter if we are saying “Happy Holidays’ or “Merry Christmas” if we ignore the… Continue reading 5 Ways to Really Keep Christ in Christmas

Airports and Advent

I’ve spent more time in airports during the last year and a half than I have in the previous ten years combined. For a dedicate people watcher, an airport is a fascinating, if not tiring, place. One common thread I’ve picked up on is that we are busy…busy doing things we feel like we must… Continue reading Airports and Advent

5 Things for Which I Am Thankful for at Thanksgiving

2018 has been giving 2017 a run for its money when it comes to civil dysfunction. Let’s be honest; things aren’t exactly getting better in our political and civil discourse. As a Jesus follower, my predisposition is towards hope, but that’s not exactly an easy path on some days. As we slow down and prepare… Continue reading 5 Things for Which I Am Thankful for at Thanksgiving

Not Again- The Cost of Gun Violence

Sunday afternoon. I  preached in the morning and following lunch with family and friends was sitting on the back patio, making my way to the coveted Sunday afternoon preacher’s nap. The news alert came on my phone. Not Again. Another shooting, this time at the Landing in Jacksonville. I’ve been to the Landing. People I… Continue reading Not Again- The Cost of Gun Violence