The Myth of “Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This”

I'm kinda over the phrase, "seminary didn't prepare me for this. I know that clergy use it as comic relief and a way to take out frustration, but the truth is that my seminary education (along with other life experience) DID prepare me for leadership during this time. A big shout out today to Candler… Continue reading The Myth of “Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This”

5 Resolutions for the Local Church in 2019

For most, their experience of the Church universal is the local church. The local church remains the most powerful vehicle through which to spread God's love and grace. Despite what many numbers tell us, I still believe that some of the local church's best days are still ahead of it, especially within mainline traditions. Today,… Continue reading 5 Resolutions for the Local Church in 2019

The Widow’s Might

Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I assure you that this poor widow has put in more than everyone who’s been putting money into the treasury.”  Mark 12:43 Admittedly, I have a habit of associating much of what happens in the world with the Biblical story. This past weekend I managed to tie… Continue reading The Widow’s Might

3 Ways to Have Better Table Talk this Thanksgiving

An extended family meal. We are sitting there, eating our turkey (we have multiple Thanksgivings to get in, so had to do one early). Suddenly, someone brings up the election. I know they voted differently than me. Everyone stops eating. Polite chatter ceases. An awkward silence ensues. It continues  until someone makes a random comment… Continue reading 3 Ways to Have Better Table Talk this Thanksgiving