I've probably heard the word pivot more in the last three months than I have heard it in my entire life. I've probably used the word pivot more in the last three months than I've have in my entire life. In a COVID-19 world, pivoting has become trendy. We are doing things in a new… Continue reading Pivoting

6 Things I’ve Learned at the Church Door

I was thinking the other day about what I miss most about having church in-person. There are many things to miss about not being able to gather in-person and when we do, I suspect church will look different for the foreseeable future. It struck me that I really miss church door conversations. Now, I know… Continue reading 6 Things I’ve Learned at the Church Door

The Holy Spirit as Agitator

This is an approximation of the words I shared during my sermon on May 31, 2020 on Pentecost The Holy Spirit as Agitator We need an agitator in our collective lives. This has been a tragic week in our nation with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. On a day when we celebrate the… Continue reading The Holy Spirit as Agitator

The Myth of “Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This”

I'm kinda over the phrase, "seminary didn't prepare me for this. I know that clergy use it as comic relief and a way to take out frustration, but the truth is that my seminary education (along with other life experience) DID prepare me for leadership during this time. A big shout out today to Candler… Continue reading The Myth of “Seminary Didn’t Prepare Me for This”

We Don’t Agree…Now What?

“Go along so we can get along” How many times in your life has someone told you that? It’s never felt very good to me, when another tells me that I should conform to expectations, just so we can move along. It does not create a fulfilling life nor needed change. We  like unity. We… Continue reading We Don’t Agree…Now What?

A Response to Local Church Holding In-Person Services

A church in our community made the decision to open its doors, taking precautions. I don’t think it’s the most faithful decision, but what troubles me more are the reasons given for making the decision. Three points this particular church made to which I would like to offer my thoughts: 1. “Not being able to… Continue reading A Response to Local Church Holding In-Person Services

Three Observations on Culture and COVID-19

A couple of observations about our current state. In true preacher fashion, I have three points 1. Our ability to put "we" over "me" has been eroding for quite some time. The debate about reopening the economy has shone a bright light on our disconnect. We can't even understand that we wear a mask in… Continue reading Three Observations on Culture and COVID-19

4 COVID-19 Church Discoveries

Confession time, I don't like the term new normal. Normal is subjective to one's experience and the word normal implies that we all have the same experiences. We are using so much these days because we simply don't know what else to say. We also don't know what life will look like in the coming months, maybe even years.… Continue reading 4 COVID-19 Church Discoveries

A Pastoral Response to Coronavirus

It seems unreal that a couple of months ago many of us had never heard the word coronavirus.Today, that word dominates much of our conversation, our thoughts, even our actions.  I write this as a pastor, not someone with any infectious disease knowledge. You don't need me to tell you to wash your hands. Two… Continue reading A Pastoral Response to Coronavirus


What are those on your forehead? What are you giving up? Two questions you rarely hear asked except for one day out of the year- Ash Wednesday. A smudge on your forehead or your hand is always a good conversation starter. I love the act of mixing ashes- the oil, the ash under your fingernails, the smudges… Continue reading Smudge