The Holy Spirit as Agitator

This is an approximation of the words I shared during my sermon on May 31, 2020 on Pentecost The Holy Spirit as Agitator We need an agitator in our collective lives. This has been a tragic week in our nation with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. On a day when we celebrate the… Continue reading The Holy Spirit as Agitator


What are those on your forehead? What are you giving up? Two questions you rarely hear asked except for one day out of the year- Ash Wednesday. A smudge on your forehead or your hand is always a good conversation starter. I love the act of mixing ashes- the oil, the ash under your fingernails, the smudges… Continue reading Smudge


Two phenomenon are on my heart today. The first is celebrity... I can't imagine being thrust on a national stage like Kobe Bryant was as an 18 year old. Would you want the world watching your 18-year old self?  He was not a perfect human being, making mistakes along the way. We all have. It's… Continue reading Kobe

You Are Not in Control

Teach us to count our days so that we may have a wise heart Psalm 90:12 It's hard for us to hear isn't it? You are not in control.  The control paradox tells us that the more we try to gain control, the less control we actually possess. In many ways, it is fear that causes us… Continue reading You Are Not in Control

Seeing Freedom Through the Eyes of God

What is true freedom? Several images come to mind; When the Continental Congress declared the separation of the thirteen colonies from Great Britain 240 years ago, freedom along with liberty,  was foremost in the minds of our nation's founders. The idea did not originate with them, of course. In every age and across the earth, human beings have,… Continue reading Seeing Freedom Through the Eyes of God

The Crisis (of Faith) at the Border

"Inherit the kingdom that was prepared for you before the world began.  I was hungry and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.  I was naked and you gave me clothes to wear. I was sick and you took care of… Continue reading The Crisis (of Faith) at the Border

Summer Reading and Listening

The Memorial Day weekend signals for many the beginning of summer. We may well find ourselves with some extra time for play, rest, and rejuvenation. This is a great time to catch up on reading and listening. Here are some books and podcasts I’ll be checking out this summer. Era of Ignition: Coming of Age… Continue reading Summer Reading and Listening

4 Prayers for the Nation on the National Day of Prayer

What are you praying for today? Today marks the National Day of Prayer. This day was signed into being by Harry S. Truman, originally as a Spring counterpart to Thanksgiving. The idea was that Americans, from all faith backgrounds, would take a day to give thanks and to offer prayers for the United States and her… Continue reading 4 Prayers for the Nation on the National Day of Prayer

Be Kind. Rewind

A few weeks ago we were doing some Spring(ish) cleaning. In one of the boxes that we have moved several times but have yet to successfully open, I found a VCR tape from Blockbuster Video. Back in the day, this was how we watched movies at home. This is how it worked- you would go… Continue reading Be Kind. Rewind

If I Had Grown Up Here…Reflections from Bosnia on New Zealand

"If I had grown up here, I would be of the Muslim faith." Hearing of the Mosque bombings in New Zealand, I went back to my notes to make sure it was written as I had remembered. If I had grown up here, I would be of the Muslim faith."  It was. Twelve years later,… Continue reading If I Had Grown Up Here…Reflections from Bosnia on New Zealand