3 Issues Worthy of a National Emergency

The term “national emergency” has recently taken its place in our vocabulary. The President declared a national emergency in response to what he considers to be a crisis at the US border with Mexico. Of course, there is way more to this declaration, but that’s another discussion for another day. While I don’t disagree that… Continue reading 3 Issues Worthy of a National Emergency

Reflections for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday

Growing up in metro Atlanta meant being aware of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at an early age. The state of Georgia observed the first MLK federal holiday in January 1986. As a 5th grader, I was stoked to receive a new, additional day off school so soon after the winter break. I grew… Continue reading Reflections for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday

Who Would Jesus Separate?

Then Joseph got up, took the child and his mother by night and went to the United States, and upon arrival Joseph and Mary were arrested and the child was separated from them, never to be seen by his parents again.” TThank goodness, the holy family fled Herod over 2,000 years ago into Egypt and… Continue reading Who Would Jesus Separate?

And the Award Goes To:…Chris Rock

Did you see the Oscars last night? How about that Alejandro G. Inarritu winning back to back Best Director Oscars. Mary Michael and I have very different beliefs on Birdman. It's in my all time top 5 while it's probably in her all time bottom 5. What about Leo finally winning his Oscar? A momentous occasion… Continue reading And the Award Goes To:…Chris Rock